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Thermal Transfer Overprinting Coder (TTO)

HOME Thermal Transfer Overprinting Coder (TTO) LMI offers Thermal Transfer Overprinting marking machine for continuous and intermittent printing as well as off-line printing. The intermittent machines are suitable where the web material or item to be printed stops once per machine cycle and continuous printers are for use where the substrate material or object to… Continue reading Thermal Transfer Overprinting Coder (TTO)

Thermal Marking Machine (TIJ)

HOME Thermal Marking Machine (TIJ) The thermal marking machine is maintenance-free and non-wearing and enables high resolution marking on absorbent and non-porous surfaces upto 900 x 600 dpi with variable printing heights of 12.5 to 100 mm, depending on the control system and number of connected print heads. This is an Innovative product with high… Continue reading Thermal Marking Machine (TIJ)

Tread Marking / Laminate Marking

HOME Tread Marking / Laminate Marking Laminate Marking With Robotic Arm Industrial Tread Marking Machine employed to Mark Alphanumeric Text on the Tread for in-process identification & tracking. The marking machine can be configured employing robotic arm to mark on the laminate in rotary motion. Applications Tread Marking Laminate Marking Sidewall Marking Sheet / Calendar… Continue reading Tread Marking / Laminate Marking

Large Character Marking Machine

HOME Large Character Printer (LCP) Large Character Printer (LCP) The LCP Marking Machines are truly Plug & Play System incorporating advanced, unique and best in class features, suitable for case coding and other products. It is maintenance free and non-wearing, more prints per cartridge, upto 15 millions depending on character height, graphics etc. Specifications MMFX1S/1R/1M… Continue reading Large Character Marking Machine

Small Character Marking Machine

HOME Small Character Marking Machine CIJ Marking Machine – To print the variable information on the primary and secondary packaging lines up to 2/3/4/5 lines respectively. No clog Nozzle (Sealtronic), Automatic Viscosity & Pressure Control, Window based operating system are few of the salient features that our machine offers. It is specially designed to minimize… Continue reading Small Character Marking Machine