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Tension Control System

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Stacker/Feeder/ Conveyors

HOME Stacker/Feeder/ Conveyors LMI offers customised conveyors – both belt & roller in different configurations such as fixed or of variable speed depending upon the applications / customer specification Technical Specifications FMC 650 CJ/TI/TT $Product Length 280mm *Message size 20×20 mm *Product Length 170 mm * * Application Specific Models – 1. Laminates 2. Carton… Continue reading Stacker/Feeder/ Conveyors


HOME ScanLength ScanLength is a standalone heavy duty Length measurement system. System consists of Timing belt device that can form a firm grip on the long product being measured from low to high line speed. The Bidirectional feature takes care that absolute length is measured accurately and displayed. The complete unit includes product guide rolls;… Continue reading ScanLength


HOME ProfileScan ProfileScan — a high resolution vision based system and supported by a touch screen PC software. The process can be benefited by continuously monitoring the product that is produced within the specification. In event of deviation, the system will notify by triggering an alarm The system comprises of a Vision and Lighting unit… Continue reading ProfileScan

WAD Detection

HOME WAD Detection WDM 2 — Wad Detection Machine employs Laser Technique to detect the presence /absence of wad inside the cap taking into account the following critical Parameters of the WAD to accept /reject the cap besides logging the data on real time basis. These parameters are vital in the pharmaceutical/ Food industry for… Continue reading WAD Detection

VPro – Insulation Slice Profiler

HOME VPro – Insulation Slice Profiler VPro — a high resolution vision based system and supported by a touch screen PC software. The customer can benefit in instantly knowing the cross-section of the insulation (slice) geometry to ascertain that produced cable is well within specifications. VPro offers 360 degree Measurement with 1 degree resolution with… Continue reading VPro – Insulation Slice Profiler


HOME FineScan FineScan our diameter gauge series is known for its low cost and user friendly interface and has been specially designed for applications requiring OD Measurement of fine products such as : Wire Galvanizing & Enameling Monofilament Fly Fishing Line Capabilities High Accuracy Easy to operate Various I/O Remote display Alarm On Line/Off Line… Continue reading FineScan


HOME LaserScan LaserScan diameter gauges are legendary for their consistently accurate diameter measurements, minimal maintenance and extraordinary reliability. It works on Single Phase Supply at 12 watt stable power and ambient temperature of 45 degree celsius. It caters to few of the applications as under: Features Wires & Cables Optical Fibre Cables Medical Tube Tubular… Continue reading LaserScan

Traverse & Winding

HOME Traverse & Winding Traverse Roll Ring Drives ARG Drive Assembly RG Drive Model /No of Bearings 3 AZ 1010 AZ 2000 RG 3 30 2MCRF RG 3 40 2MCRF RG 3 50 0 RG 3 60 0 RG 3 80 0 Load Capacity(kg) 10-Jan 20 30 40 50 60 80 Ideal Torque(Nm) 110 160… Continue reading Traverse & Winding

Tamper Evident Label Applicator

HOME Tamper Evident Label Applicator Protection against Manipulation of Pharmaceutical Packaging…….. Tamper Evident Label Applicator is the perfect solution for the application of self-adhesive tamper evident seals/labels, on a side of the pharmaceutical boxes or assimilates. Any part is designed and tested with accuracy, in order to achieve reliability and precision: the paper feed mechanism… Continue reading Tamper Evident Label Applicator